Apart from the….

  • Showjumping Grand Prix at 2pm on Sunday in the Main Arena
  • Other Horse Showjumping in the Main Arena and Arena 2
  • Pony Showjumping on Saturday
  • Horse Showing on Sunday from 11am in Rings 1, 2, 3.
  • Pony IPS classes in Rings 1, 2, 3 on Saturday.
  • Local competitions in Ring 3 on Saturday

There's also the…

  • Trade Stands.
  • Food Stands.
  • Fun Fair.

And all the usual favourites……

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From Childrens' Sports at 3pm on Sunday….


To the Dog/Pet Show at 2pm on Sunday…

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Get dad something for Fathers' Day (or for yourself!) from the Trade Stands…


or visit the Sheep Shearing at 2:30 on Sunday. Sheep

Enter your favourite child in the Baby Show at 2:30 on Sunday.


Or try the Yoga Class at 10 on Saturday.

And on Sunday don't forget to

  • Get a selfie with the resident Alpaca and Pigmy Goats
  • "Guess their name"

Or just have fun…